Get the Most From Your Vision Benefits

Vision Coverage

Plan Highlights

The vision plan includes coverage for vision exams, eyeglass frames, and lenses (including contacts). Coverage is best when you use a provider in the vision network.

  • You enroll in vision separately from medical coverage and dental coverage.
  • Coverage is offered through VSP to help pay for routine vision services and supplies.
  • When you use a VSP network provider, you will pay less than if you use a provider not in the VSP network.

Plan Overview

Coverage FeatureIn NetworkOut of Network
Eye exam
(once every calendar year)
Covered 100% after $15 copayUp to $35 allowance
Eyeglass lenses
(once every calendar year)
Single visionCovered 100% after $15 copayUp to $25 allowance
Lined bifocalCovered 100% after $15 copayUp to $40 allowance
Lined trifocalCovered 100% after $15 copayUp to $55 allowance
Eyeglass frames
(every other calendar year)
Up to $130 allowanceUp to $45 allowance
Contact lenses
(once every calendar year, in lieu of eyeglass lenses and frames)
Up to $130 allowanceUp to $105 allowance
Progressive lens enhancements
Up to $50 - $160Up to $40 allowance
Other lens enhancements
(Coatings, Tinting, Polycarbonate, etc.)
Filing a claimYour VSP provider will submit your claim for youYou pay upfront and are reimbursed after filing your claim

Biweekly Rates

Team Member only$2.21
Team Member and spouse$4.41
Team Member and child(ren)$4.73
Team Member and spouse and child(ren)$7.56
VSP Vison Care

VSP Vision Care


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Phone: 1-800-877-7195

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