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How to complete Health Actions with Rally for 2022

Health ActionHow to earn your Health Reward
Rally Health SurveyLog in to or the Rally app and take your confidential Health Survey.

You must complete the Rally Health Survey first to access and earn additional rewards. The survey must be completed each year.
Annual physicalReceive your annual physical from your physician.

Your reward is deposited within 2-4 weeks after BCBSFL receives and processes your physician’s claim.
Biometric screeningA biometric screening includes blood pressure, BMI (height and weight), glucose, and cholesterol screenings. Your Health Reward is earned upon participation confirmation from BCBSFL. Please allow 2-4 weeks.

Log on to Rally via to download and complete your Quest Diagnostics Physician Results Form. By logging in or registering, you will be taken to the Quest dashboard. See this presentation for details.
Quit For Life ProgramIf you are trying to quit tobacco, enroll in Quit for Life. Take the first step to quitting tobacco by calling 1-866-QUIT-4-LIFE (1-866-784-8454). Take a look at the program's path to your success!

Your Health Reward is earned following program completion.
My Health NovelTake a short My Health Novel quiz to get matched with a recommended health program or reach a program milestone if already registered. My Health Novel can be accessed through the Benefits tab on your My Health Toolkit® page.

Review some FAQs to learn a little more about the program.
Maternity Support ProgramCall 855-838-5897, opt 4 to enroll in this program for prenatal and postnatal support.
Quarterly Themed MissionsQuarterly themed missions are designed to focus on specific areas of your health. For 2022, missions focus on stress, exercise, nutrition, and healthy habits.

Complete 3 of 5 missions each quarter.

Themed QuizzesHealthy quizzes are aimed at helping to teach you about your health.

Complete at least 3 of 5 quizzes.
Quarterly Rally ChallengeUse a tracking device or the Rally app to count your steps and compete with others over the course of the Challenge. Challenges are 3-14 days in length depending on the specific challenge distance.

Complete 1 challenge each quarter.
Personal CoachingGet personalized well-being strategies with your own personal coach.

Complete the program and you’ll earn $$$ for your health funding account.