New enrollment hourly

Learn about your benefits

Once you become benefits-eligible, you’ll automatically be enrolled in company-paid benefits. You’ll need to select other benefits if you choose to have that coverage.

Learn more about the benefit options you can elect and what they’ll cost:

Medical & Rx coverage
Dental & Vision

Access resources available to help you

When you need help, Bloomin’ Brands offers Tools & Contacts to give you a hand.

We’re here to help! Contact a Resource Center representative at or call 1-800-555-5808 (Option 3).

Enroll by your deadline

You will have 45 days from when you become eligible for benefits to enroll in coverage.
For example, if you can join the benefits plan starting on June 1st, you will have until July 15th to enroll.

Enroll at > Digital Resources > BBI Connect > Myself > Life Events > I am a newly eligible hourly employee. You can call 1-800-555-5808 (Option 3) to speak with a Resource Center representative if you have any questions.