supplemental life insurance chart

Supplemental Life insurance

You (Team Member)Your spouseYour eligible child(ren)
Supplemental life insurance–options$20,000 increments to $1,000,000 maximum*$10,000 increments to 100% of your coverage up to $500,000*Flat amount $10,000 per child (coverage is reduced under 14 days old and under 6 months old)
Maximum available without Evidence of Insurability (also called the Guaranteed Issue amount)
  • $160,000 if annual salary of $50,000 or less

  • $260,000 if annual salary of $50,001 through $85,000

  • $400,000 if annual salary of $85,001 or above
$50,000Not applicable
Rates based on...Your age (as of January 1 of the current plan year)Team Member's age (as of January 1 of the current plan year)Flat rate, regardless of the number of eligible children insured
Coverage ends...At age 80The earlier of age 70 or when Team Member attains age 80**On the 26th birthday