How to Restrict Access to Electronic Documents

You should ensure that your sensitive files and confidential business proposals, as also personal information about employees and customers, are kept safe. It is vital to ensure that they are not accessible to anyone except those who have been granted access to them. They must also be secured from being copied, printed, or modified.

The ideal solution is to use a system for managing documents that can limit access to electronic files. A well-designed document management system should include audit trails and monitors that detect suspicious activity. It will also stop individuals from committing fraud by using official passwords and usernames to gain access to private company email accounts or sensitive areas of the system. This will stop them from copying and distributing your private files on USB devices to unauthorised locations.

Click the Permissions icon in order to limit access to a particular document. You will then be able select from a list of access level options restrict access to electronic documents. You could, for instance you grant Ranjit permission to read a particular document, but not to modify it. Once you’ve done that it will display a message with the message that the document has been rights-managed.

In submitting a request to obtain a seal or shield, you can restrict access to the entire case where a file is. If the court agrees to your request, all the documents in the case are kept confidential until you decide whether to remove them.